About Us

Welcome to Canvas + Clay Studio! 

We are a faith based, sustainable, and eco friendly home and lifestyle brand. Everything is handmade with love and created for a purpose. Home should be our comfort space and ultimately ends up being where we spend most of our time and make the most memories. Therefore, it is important to curate that space and invest time and thoughtfulness into the little details. Each of our pieces were created for a purpose whether that is to add some style, or hold your jewelry, or plants, etc. We hope that you will bring these multipurpose, non-toxic, handmade pieces into your home to elevate, style, and add a bit of personalization that will inspire you to curate your space.


Our Mission 

My youth pastor once mentioned that a messy, unorganized, cluttered room/space often indicates a messy heart, mind, and spirit. Personally, when I'm ready for a fresh clean start and I take time to organize my thoughts, I begin by redesigning, cleaning, and organizing my room.


Canvas + Clay Studio's mission is to remind others that we were all created, molded, and shaped for a perfect purpose. Thinking about the future, our careers, our calling can be quite daunting and stressful. Sometimes, the very idea of the future can cause us to question who we are, why exactly we are here, what we are supposed to do, and how to go about the course of our life. We forget that we were made for a purpose and that our one goal in life should be to pursue and accomplish our calling so that we can be a light and glorify God in all that we do. As a Christian business, it is our mission to encourage and spread light to others who may be confused about their identity, calling, or purpose. We believe that organizing your thoughts, heart, and spirit, begins with organizing your space such as your home, office, or room. While it may seem like we are merely selling home pieces, we hope that inspiring others to curate the spaces around them will also lead them to begin curating their hearts, dreams, and unlock active pursuit towards their calling and purpose. We invite all people to curate the spaces in which you dwell, the talents that have been given to you, and the dreams in your heart to serve everyone and everything with a purpose.