Pastel Mini Bubble Planter
Pastel Mini Bubble Planter
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Pastel Mini Bubble Planter

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The Mini Bubble Planter is the perfect abstract vessel for your plants and household items. It can be used as a pen holder, toothbrush holder, plant pot, etc. The Mini Bubble Planter comes with two pieces; the vessel with a drainage hole and the catch-all tray that collects all water and liquids. You can use them attached or detached! The rounded and curved edges add a sleek and stylish feature that works in every style of home. 
  • Product Ingredients: Jesmonite 
  • Jesmonite is a water-based, non-toxic, eco-friendly all natural substance. 
  • Dimensions: Vessel- 7.2cm x 8cm diameter/ Catchall dish- 2cm height x 8cm diameter



- Our jesmonite products are NOT meant to eat food off of. They are also not meant to directly drink beverages out of. 

- Jesmonite is a full natural substance that tends to collect air when mixed and during the curing process. Air bubbles may be visible and are inevitable. Small bubbles and slight color variations are natural and unique characteristics.